Version history

24 Mar 2007: xpathTextAsMarkup

Corrections to the code to remove spurious text blocks

Introduction of code to process lists and pre-formatted code

(Source-only release for now)

10 Feb 2006: Simplify Applescript Python

On third thought, use only the base Python tools (with gensuite).

My needs are too simple for elaborate libraries and it makes for a smaller file, which is a good thing.

6 Feb 2006: note-by-id

node-by-id XPath function was broken.

Renamed node-by-id into note-by-id for consistency. (Old name still works for compatibility)

3 Feb 2006: XSLT stylesheets

Now allows to drag a XSLT stylesheet besides a Tinderbox document.

3 Feb 2006: Better save policy

The applet prompts the user to save the transformed file. Default is still to overwrite the original: Just press enter. Many successive numbered backups are created.

3 Feb 2006: Applescript Python options

On second thought, use Hamish Sanderson's Appscript instead of Bob Ippolito's aeve (which is great but still work in progress as of now.)

3 Feb 2006: Repackage for Tiger copy

Using Bob Ippolito's py2app instead of Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Platypus;

Using Bob Ippolito's aeve instead of Apple's osapp

includes python wrappers for stock Tiger versions of libxml2, libxslt

2 Feb 2006: Aliases now make sense

As of tinderbox document version 2.3, Alias numbers are finally unsigned (very much at my request... Thanks, Mark!) So I have to follow the new format, according to file version #.

6 Jun 2004: Significant performance improvements for tb:property

5 Jun 2004: corrections to xpathEvalScript

31 May 2004: Bug fix release

  • setText bug

    when the text was a literal and not a XPath

  • startup crash

    The Platypus files got corrupt somehow.

    Reported By Tim Lahey.

  • XPath for backwards links broken
  • Conditions on an empty result

    Bug in python bindings to libxml

    Solution: Catch the exception, and test for empty in a lot of places.

  • 28 May 2004: First web release

  • Made xmlActivation into a boolean

    once is handled by the DoOnce command

  • ForEach command
  • DoOnce command
  • tb:result-of(commandNote)

    Also, xmlResult may not always be nodes

  • Creative Commons license


  • 23 May 2004: Initial release: Tinderbox Weekend