XSLT extensions

These are XSLT extension elements in the Tinderbox namespace (use them prefixed by "tb:" in your xpaths.)

They are mostly useful when called from within stylesheets, as those stylesheets generally do not operate on the Tinderbox document.

See the htmlToText.xsl node for examples.


<tb:declare-new-link name="linkType" source="node" dest="node" start="pos" len="len" url="(optional url)"/>

This will create a new link between "source" and "dest" nodes. "start" and "len" are optional, and allow to anchor the link in text positions. If a "url" is given, the "dest" is disregarded.


<tb:declare-style-change font="Geneva" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" size="10" height="13" ascent="10" color="#000000"/>

This is used within a XSL stylesheet, within the composition of a <text> element.

A first (optionally empty) declare-style-change must be used at the beginning of the <text> element, before any text has been introduced.

It allows to declare that some aspects of the style has changed. All attributes are optional, defaults as indicated.

This must be matched by a call to <tb:implement-style-change/> outside the <text> element.



This is used within a XSL stylesheet, immediately after the composition of a <text> element.

It will insert a <styles> element at the current position, containing all necessary style run specification, as defined in the tb:declare-style-change elements.

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