Imap Reader demo

OK, This was crazy...

I had had fun with the xml-rpc import, and I could not help wanting to show how versatile it could be.

So I first set up a XML-RPC server that would serve mails from my IMAP server: 1/2 page of Python...

Then, I wrote a stylesheet that converted this mess to Tinderbox items. That was tricky; the aim was to show that it was possible, not fun! (Look inside the mailImport.tbx)

This goes in a few stages, but it gives an idea... Now, I would do it differently.

I showed the expressivity of my commands by creating links corresponding to InReplyTo.

Finally, I partitioned messages into subgroups and XSLT'ed them to GXL, which I converted to .DOT to finally show the result in GraphViz!

You can see the result in the PDF file. Prepare to scroll...


  • mailImport.tbx
  • mail2Gxl.xsl
  • mailImport.pdf
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