I am currently available as a consultant. As my site should make clear, I am keeping abreast of technologies related to sharing information, generally referred to as Social Software, from online public deliberation to knowledge management applications. I can easily help any organization or group to select, set up and support a variety of collaborative work tools, on the net or internally: including web forums, wikis, content management systems, blogging software, etc.

I can also help you customize such tools to your specific needs, or even develop new tools if desired: I keep up-to-date with technologies underlying these applications, especially technologies related to XML, Python, many open source software tools and many Macintosh-based software tools.

I am very versatile, and I am able to quickly gain an understanding of the specific needs of your organization. From there, I will identify new solutions to help you get your ideas out in the world. I also have a lot of expertise in software development, including various object-oriented methodologies, UML, and agile methodologies. You may want to consult my resume [/resume.en.html] for more information.