My experiments with Tinderbox

I have been using Eastgate's Tinderbox for some time, now, and went somewhat beyond its intended use.

In particular, I started to use XPath and XSLT to process Tinderbox data. But the basic XSLT constructs choke on the Tinderbox XML format, and so I started extending them using Python bindings to the libxml and libxslt libraries. (A great idea I owe to Kimbro Stakken's Syncato.) Encouraged by Mark Bernstein and Leslie Carr, I packaged these as TinderToolBox.


I first packaged this tool at the Tinderbox weekend in Boston; I also did a presentation of the tools, and demonstrated the potential using a nifty IMAP reader demo.

(The tgz is not unpacked well by stuffit; use the CLI tools... or the PDF)

Older tools

There is an older version of these tools, based strictly on XSLT extensions, that you can get here.


I also created a DTD, and RNC and RNG schemas for Tinderbox (v 2.2)

A few minor stylesheets....

At the Tinderbox weekend, I was asked for a few quick XSL hacks:


This stylesheet will remove all styles from a Tinderbox file.


This stylesheet will add a (/-separated) paths to the Tinderbox attribute "path" on all nodes.


This stylesheet will remove all text from a Tinderbox document, allowing you to send a Tinderbox skeleton file for examples.

Last modified on 28/05/04. Created by Marc-Antoine Parent with Tinderbox 3.0.4.